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Our Services

Business 360

One of our key tools, Business 360 takes a 360 degree look at your business and provides guidance across the board in identifying core values, high performing products, creating efficient processes across the organisational hierarchy and creating brand positioning and effective marketing strategies.

Organisational development

Our expert team of mentors have vast experience in enhancing the mindsets of the employees and helping create an organisational environment, which fosters creativity and innovation. We do this through a thorough analysis and overhaul of management structure, functions, employee roles and technological preparedness. We also work very closely with organisational leadership in order to inculcate values of ownership and accountability throughout the organisation, thus ensuring that every member of the organisation buys into the vision and the mission of the organisation


Process interventions

Over the course of our many years of collective experience, we have each gained expertise in several processes. Our mentors are experts in providing interventions for the below processes:

a. Administration Ensuring a smooth and productive working atmosphere begins with having an efficient and organized company administration team.

b. Finance and Accounts  Making sure that the company is profitable and retains a healthy cash flow is one of the keys to an organisations success

c. Human Resources  Identifying the right employees for the right jobs is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today and needs to be handled carefully and in a logical and rational manner. Mentorwise also offers solutions to enable organisations to retain their top talents in an era when talent drain is a very real problem faced by most.

d. Planning  Planning a product range or a portfolio of services is important in being able to track an organisations success

e. Product Design The design team needs to be allowed to innovate and come up with creative products and solutions in order to make a difference in the market. Mentorwise works with organisations to inculcate a mindset where creativity and innovation is nurtured and fostered in order to ensure optimum performance.

f. Production The production process needs to be streamlined and move in a smooth and efficient manner in order to ensure that the product pipeline is well stocked and in a healthy state

g. Marketing and Sales Developing the right brand positioning, identifying the unique services and products of the company and identifying the right target audience gives the sales force clear cut goals and a chance to achieve the targets in order to help the organisation grow

h. Quality control  Ensuring that the products and services always maintain the highest level of quality in order to assure customer delight

i. Customer servicing and support  Maintaining a positive relationship with the customer and being seen as solution oriented and easily reachable is one of the biggest ways to ensure that customers come back to the organisation

j. IT Enablement IT Enablement plays a key role in streamlining processes within organisations. With effective use of technology and tools such as ERP or MIS, organisations can effortlessly integrate various internal as well as external functions in order to create an effective and well-oiled process. Mentorwise provides guidance on how to use technological tools in an optimal manner for the organisation.