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Got Questions? We have Got Answers!

Mentoring is a powerful professional development and empowerment tool. It is an effective guidance to help businesses progress in their working and carry out their operations successfully.We have your questions on Mentoring answered below.

What are some of the challenges you face as mentors?

A lack of information or any hard data, resistance to mentorship by some members of the organisation, dissatisfaction with the speed of change are some of the challenges mentors have to frequently overcome when working with organisations in order to make processes effective and efficient.

In accepting MentorWise services, companies have to be ready for our open and unbiased feedback and constructive criticism. Without this willingness to change and the patience to let the change occur, the mentorship process may not be as successful as intended.

Does mentoring require product domain expertise?

No. Mentoring is domain agnostic. It merely requires experience, patience and the ability to see things clearly and identify problematic processes and areas that are holding organisations back, primarily from the business point of view.

What are the deliverables from Mentorship?

Sound advice and the confidence that the organisation is now functioning according to Industry Best Practices. A frequently asked question is if mentors provide reports.

At MentorWise, we sit with the organisation and get them to document the process themselves as a learning for the future, to keep them ready if any such situation should crop up again

Do you work with start-ups?

The short answer is a No. As mentors, we are around to help an organisation fix processes in order to achieve growth. We come into the picture when an organisation wants to turn around their profitability or make their processes more efficient. In the case of start-ups, until they actually have processes in place which need review, the best we can do is offer them some advice and the benefit of our experience.

Do you have any questions that are unanswered?

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