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About us

It is often said that remarkable things happen when people follow their passions. However, just passion is often not enough to provide entrepreneurial success. Combining passion with knowledge and seeking the right guidance is the key step in making the possibility into a reality.

At Mentorwise, we don’t just advice. Instead, we work on diving deep into an organisation’s DNA; going beyond the shallow data and numbers and working from within, we aim to transform and empower our clients to identify their own shortcomings and then work together to create effective solutions and the means of achieving their stated goal.

We offer unbiased support and feedback, looking at the organisation from within and from outside, thus allowing us to accurately pinpoint problematic areas and processes and overcoming all the obstacles that hold back our clients from achieving their stated goal.

Our team of veteran mentors are here to mentor and guide our clients through the challenges and obstacles ailing them, transforming them from within and empowering them to take the next step towards achieving all that they are capable of.


What is Mentorship

Mentorship is a relationship where a more experienced person provides valuable insights and guidance in order to improve performances.

Mentorship is a complex process. At the very least, it requires looking at an organiszation from both a macro and a micro level. At it’s most involved, it involves handholding and empowering the members of an organisation into identifying the ailing or misfiring processes and making suitable changes in order to help the organisation achieve and exceed its stated goals.

Mentorship is not a process. It is a series of steps in identifying everything that ails an organiszation. It is a technique, born as a result of years of experience and industry knowledge, a finely-honed craft, which requires the mentor to be both caring and yet firm at the same time. At its very best, mentorship takes the organiszation forward, turning around previously ailing organiszations and converting them into profitable and highly successful global players.

A mentor helps an organisation take those tough decisions which they may not have ideally taken, helps them identify the correct problem areas; a mentor talks tough when no one replica watches else will and also empowers when others don’t know how to mentor can transform the organisation, turning a sickly organisation into a healthy and vibrant global giant.

Where can mentors help?

1) Creating Scalable Growth A mentor can help an organisation achieve increased margins, turnover, allowing it to achieve success

2) Enhance mindsets of people and the organisation A mentor broadens the horizons of all levels in the organisation, making it easier for everybody within the organisation to be aligned to the big picture and how to achieve it

3) Identify suitable talent A mentor always takes an unbiased position, thus placing them in the perfect position to identify suitable talent which may not have been noticed by the organisation’s leadership
4) Take tough decisions Looking at the organisation in rational and unbiased manner, a mentor is able to replica watches take tough decisions including culling ailing processes, axing non-performing products in the brand portfolio etc in order to help the organisation achieve procedural efficiency

5) Identifying Unique Selling Points While an organisation might believe it has a certain set of values to offer, a mentor is in the perfect position to also note other strong core values which can then be used to cover a gap in the market, thus opening up the organisation to a previously overlooked audience

6) Plan for future technological advances By getting organisations used to the idea of automation, the mentor can create a strong foundation where future technologies will be welcomed and utilized to the benefit of the organisation

7) Create succession plans within the organisation This is a key process, especially in family run businesses. An effective succession plan is important to ensure that the organisation continues to grow when the next generation takes command. Mentors help in identifying and grooming key personnel to take up leadership positions in the future and ensure a seamless transition from the old guard to the new, all the while, keeping the interests and the big picture vision of the organisation paramount.