Simple Solutions

The primary aim of all projects is to simplify the complex processes of businesses in storing business data and retrieve meaningful and relevant information.

Scalable Solutions

The projects here focus on Highly Scalable solutions for Business Enterprises. All appilcations are API based and can also be deployed in 3 distinct clusters.

Secure and Stable

Security and stability is another important aspect that the community here keeps in mind for safety of enterprises who like to deploy the solutions from us

Open Source

While we believe in freedom of Software, all products here are licensed under GNU GPL-v2

Calling the Students community

Majority of the volunteer-members here are students. For us the volunteers are not just college going people but people who have the zeal to learn, to improve and contribute to the society. It is with this Zeal that this community has taken upon itself to make a change, for the better

Participation comes with freedom

When you partiipate here, you are assured of

  • Great learning opportunity
  • Walking with the satisfaction of having contributed for a cause.
  • Having sown seeds for a future.

Good Better Best

Yes, we all here strive for continuous improvement and the resulting philosophy is

  • Good Beter Best
  • Never Let it Rest
  • Till your Good is Better
  • And Better Best